"we want to change the global food situation for the better.
Healthy, balanced food must be secured regionally and unconditionally."

The container farm concept

We have developed a container farm that can produce microgreens and herbs on several vertical levels. 

Thanks to extensive sensor and actuator technology in combination with our farm software, the plant controls itself as if by itself and you keep the overview.

Our container farm is modular, a plug and play solution and can therefore be set up anywhere there is a power and water connection.

Are you interested in running a container farm? Get in touch with us via the contact form!

the products

At our location in Saarland, we operate our first container farm ourselves and sell the products produced in it to the local gastronomy.

We currently offer 20 different varieties of fresh, locally grown and healthy microgreens.

Learn more now about the products that our farm and maybe soon your farm can produce!

our vision and how it works

A world without waste. Healthy food for everyone, with short transport routes and climate-neutral.
Complete absence of toxins and no waste of valuable resources such as drinking water.

Let's make the world a better place together.

Blog & Contact

On our blog you will find very soon more info about plants in hydroponics, vertical farming and ideas for recipes with the fresh microgreens. Check back soon!

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