how it works

Wie funktioniert das ganze?
Here you can read how our microgreens in the vertical hydroponics farm
grow from seed to finished product.

our concept

In our vertical indoor farm we grow microgreens in an optimal environment for them in a local production facility in Saarland. This allows us to avoid long transport chains and our fresh products come directly to you!

from small to big


From sowing...

We grow the plants from seed to finished product. Already in the germination phase we take intensive care of the little plants and prepare them perfectly for the later growth phase.


...about the growth phase...

After the plants germinate in darkness, they come under the light. There they further develop especially their leaves and begin to form chlorophyll.

Rucola_freigestellt the finished product.

After a few days, the microgreens are fully grown and have taken on their final color. Now they are ready to land fresh on the plate!

what is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a system without soil. They get their nutrients directly through the roots from the water which circulates in a system operated by a pump.

Since the water does not evaporate in this way, we can save about 90% of water - compared to conventional agriculture.

the vertical indoor-farm

How does a vertical indoor-farm work?

The plants grow indoors and are illuminated in a regular rhythm. They also sit in systems vertically on top of each other, which is why we save valuable space.