Healthy freshness kick: Marigold ginger drink

Marigold in smoothie: fresh, healthy and delicious!

A healthy power drink to strengthen and immune system boost ideal for the winter season!
Marigold microgreens give the whole drink a lemony-minty-fresh note.
The preparation is totally easy. If you do not have all the ingredients, you can easily replace them with ingredients you like.
For our recipe you need:

-half an apple
-2 slices of ginger
-5 tbsp yogurt
-good shot honey
-a glass of apple juice
-half a hand of parsley
-half a hand Marigold microgreens
-Wash and cut all the solid ingredients (you don't have to wash the microgreens, they come directly from our farm and have not had any contact with pollutants, soil or similar).
-Put all ingredients in a smoothie maker or blender except the microgreens. Blend well.
-Finally, add the microgreens and mix everything again briefly.
-decorate with microgreens and enjoy 🙂

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